These resources have been created to make healthy eating & nutrition information more accessible to people with low English or low literacy, and have been designed to use images wherever possible, including a visual description of portion sizes (on the healthy Plate factsheet).






In-Language Resources
MRC Tas and the Hobart Community Legal Service have produced translated information about our legal rights and responsibilities when interacting with police officers.
Amharic አማርኛ
Arabic ﻋﺮﺑﻲ
Burmese မြန်မာစာ
Dari  دری
Farsi ﻓﺎرﺳﯽ
Nepali नेपाली
Oromo afaan oromoo
S’gaw Karen ကညီကျိာ်
Tigrinya ትግርኛ
MRC Tas in collaboration with Healthy Tas and Nutrition Australia has developed these translated nutrition and healthy eating fact sheets as a part of the “Multicultural Kitchen: a recipe for success” project in 2021.

MRC Tas also developed twelve healthy recipes from different cuisines – these easy to follow recipes are available on our YouTube Channel.

Supported by the Tasmanian Government. 

Food and Mood
MRC Factsheet – Food & Mood – Arabic
MRC Factsheet – Food & Mood – Burmese
MRC Factsheet – Food & Mood – Dari 
MRC Factsheet – Food & Mood – Farsi
MRC Factsheet – Food & Mood – Karen
MRC Factsheet – Food & Mood – Nepali
MRC Factsheet – Food & Mood – Tigrinya
MRC Factsheet – Food & Mood – Oromo

Nutrition and Older Adults
MRC Factsheet – Nutrition & Older Adults – Farsi
MRC Factsheet – Nutrition & Older Adults – Karen
MRC Factsheet – Nutrition & Older Adults – Nepali
MRC Factsheet – Nutrition & Older Adults – Tigrinya
MRC Factsheet – Nutrition & Older Adults – Oromo
MRC Factsheet – Nutrition & Older Adults – Amharic
MRC Factsheet – Nutrition & Older Adults – Arabic
MRC Factsheet – Nutrition & Older Adults – Burmese
MRC Factsheet – Nutrition & Older Adults – Dari

MRC Factsheet – Plate – Amharic
MRC Factsheet – Plate – Arabic
MRC Factsheet – Plate – Burmese
MRC Factsheet – Plate- Dari
MRC Factsheet – Plate – Farsi
MRC Factsheet – Plate – Karen
MRC Factsheet – Plate – Nepali
MRC Factsheet – Plate – Tigrinya
MRC Factsheet – Plate – Oromo

Audio Resources

Visit our Soundcloud channel for even more settlement and driving information in English and other languages.

The language skills of volunteers help make these resources possible. To give feedback or to offer your language skills please phone Clarissa on 03 6221 0999 or email