Migration Support

Are you looking for migration support? 

Migrant support is about Australian visas.

A migration agent provides information and application support for:

  • visa options to enter Australia
  • how to sponsor others to Australia
  • visa pathways with your current visa

Working with a registered migration agent can help you:

  • make decisions based on correct information
  • have your interests well represented in your visa application
  • avoid unnecessary delays due to a poor quality application

Can I see a registered migration agent at MRC Tas?

MRC Tas does not employ a registered migration agent.

The Settlement and Community Services team helps people to effectively work with migration agents and other mainstream services.

Funded migration advice has been entrusted to Kim Heap (MARN 1575473) and Alex Long (MARN 1791984) from Dobson Mitchell Allport in the past.

You can search the register for all registered migration agents in Australia.

A guide called ‘Steps to choose a registered migration agent‘ is published by the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority.

Are you a migrant living in Tasmania looking for settlement support? 

If you are a migrant living in Tasmania looking for settlement support please contact the Settlement and Community Services team on 6221 0999 for information.

The Migrant Network Tasmania is a way that migrants can ask and share their experiences and tips for life and career in Tasmania with other migrants.

Are you living overseas looking at how to come to Australia?

You can look at visa options on the Home Affairs website.

For migration advice talk with a registered migration agent.

MRC Tas does not sponsor any visas or provide migration advice.

Can I get free migration advice?

Migration advice is a professional service so generally there are fees for services.

The Tasmanian Refugee Legal Service has funding for some circumstances.

A visa application may include the following costs:

  • A single fee for a consultation for migration advice.
  • A larger fee for a service agreement for a migration agent to work on your application.
  • Application costs that are set by the Australian government.
  • Costs such as tests to meet the conditions of the visa.
  • Interpreter costs for clear and precise communication.