Bicultural Workers

Providing culturally appropriate support to MRC Tas clients Across Tasmania, MRC Tas is working with a diverse and incredibly unique population. Given this diversity, specialised support is often required to ensure services can effectively engage with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities. This is where bicultural workers come in. At MRC Tas, bicultural workers are employed to facilitate cross-cultural communication and ...
Working with Interpreters visual

Working with Interpreters Training

Tahlia Morgan

  The Working with Interpreters workshop will provide participants with greater understanding, knowledge and skills required to work with interpreters when providing services to people who do not speak English well or at all. This 2 hour workshop will cover: Overview of legislation and policy Resources and practice guides available Role of interpreters Role of clinician or service provider Accessing …

Cultural Awareness training visual

Cultural Awareness Training

Tahlia Morgan

  Cultural Awareness Training provides the foundational knowledge and understanding needed to work effectively with people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.   This 3 hour workshop will cover: the broad concepts of ‘culture’ and cultural awareness definitions and terms used in migration contexts immigration to Australia and Tasmania Tasmania’s current demographics, including diversity in languages and religions experiences of …