Lego Figure and Car

Road Rules & English for Driving (face-to-face Car Cafe)

Clarissa Adriel

Are you learning the road rules and practicing English ready for driving practice? This ‘Road Rules & English for Driving Practice’ study group is for you! You need to know the road rules to get a learner licence and to pass the driving test. You need English for driving practice to understand your driving instructor or a driving mentor. Multicultural …

car cafe learner driver plate

Driving Information Session (Video)

Clarissa Adriel

You are invited to view a Driving Information video below or by visiting  This session is presented by Vatsal the Project Officer for the MRC Tas Driving Program. The purpose of this video is to share updates and tips so that:​ You know how COVID-19 has impacted the MRC Tas Driving Program​ You know what you can do NOW …