Seniors Week 2022

​​Seniors Week runs from 11-17 October and aims to celebrate the contributions seniors make to our society. 

Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania (MRC Tas) is proud to acknowledge people aged 55+ from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. 

We would like to recognise, support and honour these individuals by highlighting the following programs and initiatives: 

  • Social Group for our Karen speaking clients (from Burma/Myanmar)
  • Tasmanian Home and Community Care (HACC) Program
  • Individual Social Support (HACC & CHSP)

Social Group for our Karen speaking clients (from Burma/Myanmar)
MRC Tas Aged and Community Services (A&CS) is proud to introduce the “K’nyaw Social Group” commencing activities this summer. Over recent years, Tasmania has seen the arrival of new community members from Burma/Myanmar and there is now a thriving Karen community in Hobart. Facilitation of this new social group was made possible by our 2 Karen Bilingual Support Workers and EnCOMPASS Care Connector through months of planning and coordination. Activities will include, but are not limited to, outdoor BBQs, bushwalking and day trips to locations around greater Hobart.

“I am so excited to be a member of this group. I hardly get the chance to get out of Hobart as I don’t drive and cannot speak English. If there was no Karen group, I would never be able to experience new things. I’m happy that I will finally have the opportunity to explore southern Tasmania more with my friends and community” – Karen speaking Aged and Community Services client

All clients of the social groups are welcome to join.

Tasmanian Home and Community Care (HACC) Program
MRC Tas provides a range of basic core support services targeted at younger people who live in the community and whose capacity for independent living is at risk due to an acute health event, moderate or mild functional impairment or deterioration of an ongoing condition through the Tasmanian Home and Community Care (HACC) Program. ‘Younger persons’ are people aged less than 65 years and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged less than 50 years.

The main objectives of the HACC program are:

  • Providing social support in a group or individual setting. This aims to meet a client’s need for social contact and companionship.
  • Advocacy – Assistance with understanding and managing situations, behaviours and relationships associated with the person’ need for care, including advocacy and provision of advice, information and training (including bilingual support workers)
  • Case management, client coordination and assessments – this includes implementation of care plans, liaison with service providers and eligibility determination for services. 

All these services aim to support clients to maintain their independence and be an active member of the community. MRC Tas HACC services are available statewide.

“Having 1 hour of individual social support a week under the HACC program has allowed me to visit my friends and relatives that I don’t see much as I cannot drive and require language support. It may not seem like much but it has made a big difference having a Bilingual Support Worker who I can communicate with in my language (Nepali) and support me with these visits”. – MRC Tas HACC client 

Individual Social Support
Individual social support is delivered via both the HACC and CHSP program. The CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Program) is for all eligible clients above 65 years and 50 years for Aborginal and Torres Strait Islander people. 

Individual Social Support provides companionship, support with medical appointments including medication pick-up, shopping assistance, language support and other needs as identified by clients that fall under this type of service. MRC Tas also provides specialised support services for CALD clients with advocacy, religion, language and cultural needs. 

“When I fell and broke both my legs, I lost all confidence and self esteem. It was great to have a Bilingual Support Worker come in and take the shopping list to get me fresh food every fortnight as I was bound to a wheelchair, whilst I recovered. I am able to shop for lighter items myself now but it has been extremely helpful to still have a Bilingual Support Worker come in and help me carry and unload heavier items. This service has been extremely helpful for me.” – MRC Tas CHSP Individual Social Support Client

To find further information or access to support, please visit the HACC and My Aged Care Websites or call 03 6221 0999.  

Posted: 19/10/2022

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