MRC Tas supports SCOA’s Recommendations for review of Migration Program

Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania supports the Settlement Council of Australia’s (SCOA) call for the Federal Government to adopt SCOA’s key recommendations outlined in their submission to the Migration Program Review. 

MRC Tas also commends the Federal Government’s announcement that all skilled temporary migrants will be provided with a pathway to permanent residency, however, further action can be taken to make the migration process easier and more supportive, and to improve attitudes towards migration in Australia. 

MRC Tas backs the following recommendations put forward by SCOA: 

Recommendation 1: The government should implement campaigns or initiatives aimed at engaging and educating different sections of the population to shape public attitudes towards migration.  

Recommendation 2: The migration program should be underpinned by the following principles as outlined by FECCA: Fair; Timely; Transparent and accountable; Simple; Informed; and Safe and supportive.  

Recommendation 3: Government should invest in relevant, high-quality data that can help design, implement and evaluate selection and integration policies. 

Recommendation 4: The government should expand settlement services to ensure all migrants who come to Australia are eligible for at least a basic level of support. 

Recommendation 5: The Newly Arrived Residents Waiting Period should be removed or reduced to ensure migrants experience a more equitable and just system during their settlement in Australia. 

Recommendation 6: Review and implement legislative and policy changes to qualification and skills recognition processes, drawing on international best-practice examples such as frameworks used in Germany and Denmark. 

These recommendations would benefit both migrants and the Australian workforce and economy. Migrants who are helping to fill labour shortages in Australia should be able to access services according to needs, not their visa class.