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The best person for the job

“It doesn’t matter where they come from, I just want the best person for the job.”

At Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania, we have heard this statement from countless employers. We can partner with you to help widen your talent pool so that you have a greater chance of finding the best person for the job.

Employers can use the 10 tactics below to widen the talent pool and discover multicultural talent.

Promote your Migrant Stories

Migrant stories celebrate the personal and career lessons learned by your multicultural team members to help other migrants in their career.

❖ MRC Tas can interview your team members from a migrant background.
❖ Their career journey will be published on the Migrant Network website and will highlight your business:
❖ Skilled migrants who have been sponsored by the Tasmanian Government to address workforce shortages are connected to the Migrant Network website pre-arrival.


✓ Your business is showcased as a desirable place to work.
✓ Your business gets more exposure – the Migrant Stories webpage continues to be in the top 3 most viewed webpages on the Migrant Network website.

Present at a Network Meet Up

Share industry, business, hiring and networking tips at a Migrant Network Tasmania Meet Up to engage skilled migrants state-wide

❖ Migrant Network Tasmania Meet Ups occur monthly and can be online, hybrid and/or face-to face statewide.
❖ Industry guests exchange business information along with hiring and networking tips for migrant job seekers.
❖ Meet Ups can be tailored to target migrants from a specific industry, according to the profile of guest speakers.

As a result, you get:

✓ A wider talent pool and the opportunity to strengthen your brand.
✓ More competitive job applications from migrants.
✓ The ability to network with migrant talent.

Browse our LinkedIn Talent Pool

Browse the talent of the Migrant Network Tasmania LinkedIn group. It is a private group, ensuring all members can work and live in Tasmania.

❖ Join the MRC Tasmania Migrant Network LinkedIn group.
❖ Post your desired skills in the group and ask members to comment on your post if they have those skills. You can then browse any LinkedIn profiles that match your requirements.
❖ Work with MRC Tas to develop a comprehensive talent pool that you can dip into multiple times for common positions you recruit for.

As a result, you get:

✓ A wider talent pool including skilled migrants state-wide.
✓ The chance to browse and interact with talent directly.
✓ The chance to build a talent pool for positions that your business needs to recruit on a regular basis.

Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania (MRC Tas) provides consultation and training to support employers in their diversity and inclusion journey.

❖ Call us for short-term support to help as you host migrant interns, hire migrants, and develop a multicultural team.
❖ Consult us about your diversity and inclusion plans – we share based on insights from service and work with other businesses.
❖ Invest in tailored cultural awareness training – we include migrant and / or refugee experience to enhance engagement and insights.
❖ Consultation and training may be complementary or fee-for-service depending on current funding.


✓ You have a partner in your diversity and inclusion journey.

Share your Industry Insights

Migrants prize industry insights i.e., information that is not usually written down or communicated because it’s taken for granted.

❖ The Migrant Network website features information on different industries in Tasmania:
❖ It’s a starting point for migrants to understand ‘where to begin’ and ‘how things work’ in their desired industry for employment.
❖ Individual and business contributions to industry information is acknowledged on the site. Offering knowledge and information provides a chance to shape outcomes for job seekers.

✓ Boost your business brand with highly prized industry insights.
✓ Shortlist more migrant applicants by ensuring job seekers are clear about employer and industry expectations.

Passion Day Team Participation

Involve your team in the diversity and inclusion journey by granting them time or flexibility to contribute as part of a Passion Day allowance.

❖ A Passion Day is an allowance of hours that employees can use to invest in social outcomes aligned with community and business needs.
❖ Permit your team flexibility and / or time to invest in activities that foster both migrant and business intercultural capability such as:
o Presenting to provide pathway and development information
o Participating in mock interviews for feedback and coaching
o Providing feedback on de-identified job applications
o Speaking to give detail about a position and your business
o Mentoring or supervising an intern within the business

✓ Build on strengths to enhance business culture and capability.

Host Mock Interviews

Host mock interview sessions with MRC Tas to give migrants a chance to practice their skills and receive feedback and coaching. This is also a chance for your business to discover talent!

❖ Identify positions that you’re likely to recruit to next.
❖ Work with MRC Tas to mock interview a shortlist of candidates.
❖ Provide feedback and coaching for development.
❖ Maintain networks with any potentially suitable candidates.


✓ Widen your talent pool for future applications due to feedback.
✓ Ability to hire for attitude and train to develop certain skills.
✓ Retain networks and goodwill with business relevant talent.

Host an Internship Exchange

An internship exchange is the exchange of skilled work for the professional development gained from working with a local employer.

❖ A migrant offers time and skills in exchange for a chance to develop insight into local workplace culture.
❖ Host a skilled migrant to undertake a pre-determined workplace contribution, whilst participating in the wider business.
❖ MRC Tas helps to negotiate a fair, safe and mutually agreeable work experience agreement and covers the insurance.


✓ This is a chance to ‘try before you buy’.
✓ Your team is insured whilst developing intercultural confidence.
✓ You have access to short-term support from MRC Tas.

Share your Hiring Stories

Share unspoken feedback from previous recruitment rounds with migrant job seekers so that they can learn from the good, the bad and the ugly!

❖ Participate in an interview with MRC Tas to share insights from your hiring stories. The interview will be recorded and published on the Migrant Network website.
❖ The aim of the interview is to uncover valuable feedback and advice from an employer’s perspective.
❖ The interview may also uncover feedback, questions, or concerns an employer may not otherwise know how or when to relay to candidates from a migrant background.


✓ Your talent pool is widened, as migrants have a better understanding of employer needs and expectations.
✓ The profile of your business brand is raised.

Inclusive Hiring Practices

Inclusive hiring practices help to ensure a focus on the talent that best fits your business whilst managing the natural bias towards hiring ‘people like us’.

❖ Foundational tactics for inclusive hiring include:
o Systems to monitor current diversity
o Survey experiences of current inclusion and belonging
o Visual representation of diversity within the business
o Promote accessible and flexible work policies.

❖ Tactics that support inclusive hiring practices include:
o Re-posting job advert to Migrant Network Tasmania LinkedIn
o Equal Opportunity training for hiring supervisors
o Define skills without bias towards the pathway the candidate may have taken to acquiring those skills.


✓ You don’t miss talent that would otherwise be a good fit.

For more information contact the Settlement team on 03 6221 0999 or email settlement@mrctas.org.au

Posted: 28/07/2022

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