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Australian Citizenship Day

Australian Citizenship Day is celebrated each year on 17 September. It’s an opportunity for all Australians to reflect on the importance of Australian citizenship and our responsibility as citizens. This means upholding the unity, inclusivity and respect that make our nation so unique.

The diversity of our nation is something to be celebrated, and today we are proud to welcome new citizens to Tasmania. On this day we can all take pride in our citizenship, celebrate our values and reflect on what unites us — no matter whether we are citizens through birth or by active choice.

For our newer Tasmanians, citizenship is an exciting new chapter in their lives. Nar is a Bhutanese Australian who arrived in Tasmania as a refugee nine years ago. For Nar, receiving his Australian citizenship marked his best day in Tasmanian since his arrival. “When I got my Australian citizenship, I felt like Australia accepted me,” he says.  

In April this year, MRC Tas staff member Abebea also became an Australian citizen. She joined 167, 232 others who were inducted as new citizens, representing over 200 different nationalities. It’s a sign of Australia’s rich cultural and linguistic diversity, something that greatly benefits our Tasmanian society.  

MRC Tas offers support to Tasmanians from a refugee background who are preparing for citizenship by providing information, form support and targeted citizenship test study groups with language support.

MRC Tas not only supports Tasmanians from humanitarian backgrounds in becoming Australian citizens, but also how to realise their rights as new citizens. This includes information on using their voices, voting in elections and being an active citizen.

More information on the MRC Tas citizenship program can be found here.

Posted: 17/09/2022

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