Tax Time

The 2020-2021 financial year finished 30 June 2021.

Use the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) tool to find out if you need to lodge a tax return.

Most individuals will need to either:

  1. lodge a tax return to the ATO, or
  2. lodge advice to the ATO that you’re not required to lodge a tax return for 2020-21 financial year.

Can I get some money back?

If you paid tax and earned less than $18 200 you may get that tax back.

If you paid donations or work expenses you may get the tax paid on this part of your wage back.

When do I need to do my tax return?

Individual tax returns are due 31 October 2021.

Save time and reduce the risk of mistakes by waiting till the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) pre-fills your MyTax with information from your employer, Centrelink, bank and superannuation account.

Are you ready to use Tax Help to lodge online?

Take these steps to be ready for your online tax return:

  1. create an email account to create your MyGov account,
  2. link your Australian Taxation Office (ATO) MyTax to your MyGov account, and
  3. gather evidence for any deductions such as donations or work expenses.

Where can I get help for a tax return? 

Each year the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) publishes guidance for tax return questions.

You can get tax return help from:

  1. a trusted family member or friend (no fee)
  2. a Tax Help volunteer (free at MRC Tas, see eligibility below)
  3. a registered tax agent (for a fee)

Am I eligible for a Tax Help appointment?

Tax Help volunteers are trained by the The Australian Taxation Office (ATO). They know how to work with interpreters.

You may be eligible for Tax Help appointment if you:

  1. earn less than $60 000,
  2. have simple tax affairs, and
  3. lodge online using MyTax.

You can book a Tax Help appointment in the MRC Tas Glenorchy office by phoning 03 6221 0999. Call 131 450 first if you need an interpreter.

How MRC Tas can help

  1. make a Tax Help appointment in the Glenorchy office by phoning reception 03 6221 0999, or
  2. phone an interpreter 131 450 to talk to a Settlement Team member on 03 6221 0999.

We can help you create an email, create a MyGov account, link your MyGov account to the ATO MyTax, and help you call the ATO with an interpreter.

Where to learn more

  1. join the Tax in Australia webinar with the ATO and MRC Tas 22 July 2021,
  2. read multilingual tax time information published by the ATO, or
  3. talk to the tax office with an interpreter by calling an interpreter (TIS National 131 450) to connect to the ATO (individual enquiry line 13 28 61).

Protect yourself from scams

Scammers pretend to trusted government departments like the ATO on phone calls, voicemail, SMS, email or fake webpages to trick you into given them information or money.

The ATO has safety advice about:

  1. how to identify a scam,
  2. how to report a scam, and
  3. what to do if you have been scammed.