Refugee Week 2018 – What are our clients passionate about?

Refugee Week celebrates the valuable contribution refugees make to Australian society. To highlight Refugee Week 2018 we asked some of our clients to share their passion with us.

“My passion is about three things; gardening plants, parks, wildlife and animals. Also, I like teaching people, it is one thing I’m most passionate about, besides learning what I’ve learnt, it’s actually sharing that knowledge with people.

I study horticulture. I’ve been studying for the last three and a half years and I’ve liked it since from the beginning. It was something new to me. It was very interesting and knowing in the long run if I stuck along that I can achieve what I need to achieve. It’s seeing it, doing it and following it up. It’s those three things, they are the most important things for passion when you are learning. When you are passionate about something actually learning becomes much easier. If you aren’t passionate about it then you will be more reluctant to do it. For me, it’s seven days what I like to do.

I had a hard time when I first arrived to Tasmania. I wasn’t getting along with many people, I was hanging around with people who were not a good influence on me. The best way I could figure it out was to study. Once I started studying, it was a matter of just continuing the drive and the passion that came along. So yes I had a hard time before I started studying, but it’s what has made me get away and escape from the hard time I had and actually now I can reminisce and look back at it.

Knowledge is very powerful and that’s one thing I would like to share with my whole community. You know? If we can all do part of it, we can all succeed. That’s why I like plants. Because if we chop up wood we can use it for home or for this and that. Actually learning to grow food – this is the generation we are living in. Everyone wants to have their own garden at home, rather than going to the supermarket and buying it. Yes we can do that, but actually putting in some effort, the result is that you get to eat the fruit of your labour.

I’m going to be studying for another couple of years. I’m in it for the long run, until they get sick and tired of me! (laughs). I would like to use my qualifications to help others. I am already doing a bit of volunteer work with elderly people. Some elderly people can’t do their gardens anymore, so I help to maintain them. Someone I helped to learn about gardening is now supplying the local coffee shops with organic vegetables, as their backyard is very organic. I help another person out on the weekends, and in exchange they are giving me guitar lessons. It’s all about giving and taking, you know?”

– Mahad, MRC Tas client

“I am passionate about helping others. Every time I help others I am very happy. Even when I was in Nairobi I always used help others.

I help by giving them ideas. I like to help others who need food and money because I don’t like to see anybody suffering. When I see people suffering I want to help them.

For example, back home (Nairobi) I used to take refugees to The UN Refugee Agency. I would take them and go shopping and I would show them the way to go to someplace. Or if they don’t have any accommodation I used to offer them accommodation. Helping others is something I am passionate about and one day, once I have settled here in Australia, I would like to volunteer to help other refugees.

I am passionate about learning English and educating myself. I would like to get involved in aged care or disability care. I hope to become an interpreter one day so I can help more people. I want to improve my skills by studying, improving my English and go and train myself for aged care and disability care.”

– Ruta, MRC Tas client

“I am passionate about helping people to settle in Australia, especially new arrivals as they are vulnerable and they are not aware of this beautiful country.

I would like to assist them in terms of shopping and other household activities. I used to do babysitting work in a refugee camp (Thailand). I really like what I was doing and if given an opportunity I would like to do the same in here.

My plans, for now is to improve my English and later I want to work in ambulance or fire brigade services as I believe I would love doing that.”

– Tshee, MRC Tas Digi Drop-in client

“I am passionate about learning English and want to achieve a good understanding, as my goal is to work in office/accounting field as I have previous experience back overseas.

I study English at TasTAFE and I like to revise what I study at home and in the library. I try to listen/watch videos in English so that my English can be improved. I also borrow books from the library and read at home.

I was not having a chance to go to school back in my country but I got a chance to study in Australia and I would like to grab this opportunity with both hands.”

– Yodit, MRC Tas Digi Drop-in client

Thank you to Mahad, Ruta, Yodit and Tshee for sharing their passions with us!!

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Posted: 28/06/2018

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