Food Social Enterprise – Request for Service

The Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania (MRC Tas) is in the early stages of establishing the viability of food related social enterprise. This project will take a staged approach to establishing a model that will provide opportunities for people from a multicultural background to gain experience, training and paid work in the food business. The food produced by this social enterprise will be healthy, culturally diverse and affordable.

The first stage of this project will work with community members to explore and refine traditional menus and recipes.

MRC Tas requires a Food Worker to work closely with new and emerging migrant communities. In collaboration with MRC’s Community Development Worker you will provide expert advice and support to community members regarding:

  • menu planning
  • refining recipes
  • presentation and marketing of traditional food items

From the community sessions, you will collect recipes which are suitable for use by the MRC’s Food Social Enterprise.

You will work with communities and job-seekers from a migrant or refugee/humanitarian background to cook and sell multicultural food at local community markets, and explore other options for market testing such as local community and internal MRC Tas events.

You will also cater for an event where industry professionals provide feedback and advice on the final products.

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For further information or to submit a quote, please contact Scoutt Winter, MRC Tas Community Development Worker, or (03) 6221 0999.

Quotes must be received by 9am, Monday 18th December 2017.


Supported by the Tasmanian Government, Department of State Growth.